Erin and Tim

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Our Story

We 're so excited you're here! Whether you are traveling across the country or just driving up I-5, we can't wait to celebrate our wedding with you. It means so much to us that you'll be joining us on the big day!

In case you didn't know....Tim and Erin met at a Timber's soccer match WAY back in 2008, shortly after Tim moved to Portland from Chicago. Erin swears that Tim was wearing a black leather jacket that night, although Tim vehemently denies it. Throughout the soccer match, that tall bald guy a few seats down kept making Erin laugh. After the match, the group gathered at the Marathon Taverna and Tim and Erin bonded over beers and zucchini fries. They continued to get to know each other over that summer at BBQ's, camping trips, and concerts. They've been going on great adventures ever since and share a passion for all things food!

Tim proposed (finally!) on a beautiful July morning in Monticello, Illinois, just a few days after Erin defended her dissertation. There was a magic in the air! The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating with friends and soon after we whisked off to Belize for more fun.

Over the years we've grown so much together and have supported one another as we've pursued personal challenges (doctorates and double-century bike races in Death Valley to name a few!) Our wedding will truly be a special celebration of all of our loved ones gathered together in the same place. We feel very blessed to have found each other and cannot wait to share our big day with you all!

Erin and Tim
Susan Moyal