The Venue

The garden

Bella Madrona Gardens, owned by Geof Beasley, is a magical place! We fell in love with it when our friend Ron showed us around the grounds. Tucked away just outside of Sherwood, this eclectic garden is full of charm and whimsical, rustic sculptures all created and curated by Geof. We encourage you to explore these unique gardens throughout your time here!

Fun fact... Portland's own, Pink Martini, has played at Bella Madrona many times and even commemorated their love of the garden in the song, "The Gardens of Sampson and Beasley."

Getting there...

Bella Madrona is located about 20 minutes south of Portland.
Click HERE to access the map.

Parking and logistics

You will be able to park right on site in a large field adjacent to the garden. The garden paths are uneven, small gravel, so please plan footwear accordingly. The ceremony itself is down a small hill and if you need assistance please let us know and we can plan accordlingly. The reception area is in a meadow surrounded by beautiful trees!
Susan Moyal